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stop unlawful evictions

Barrington Plaza's illegal use of the Ellis Act to wrongfully evict over 700 households may be the end of affordable housing in Los Angeles.


The Barrington Plaza Tenant Association is dedicated to advocating for and safeguarding the interests and well-being of all tenants within the Barrington Plaza community. Our mission is to foster a harmonious living environment, ensure fair and equitable treatment, and strive for the highest standards of living conditions for all residents.

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  • Why are Barrington Plaza tenants getting evicted?
    All tenants were served with a no-fault eviction notice on May 8, 2023 because Barrington Plaza is misusing the Ellis Act, a CA state law which allows landlords to evict tenants if they are either demolishing a rental unit or removing the rental unit permanently from rental housing use. Douglas Emmett has already admitted that it has no intention of removing Barrington Plaza from the rental market when the renovations are complete, as the Ellis Act requires.
  • Why are we fighting this mass eviction?
    It is the opinion of the Barrington Plaza Tenant Association that the evictions are not lawful under the Ellis Act. Instead of evicting tenants, Barrington Plaza should be ordered to utilize the City's Tenant Habitability Program (THP) to temporarily house and provide financial assistance to tenants being displaced while renovations and structural repairs for fire safety are being done.
  • Is this the end of affordable housing in Los Angeles?
    We believe it is. According to Peter Dreier, a professor of Politics and chair of the Urban & Environmental Policy Department at Occidental College, the state law, signed in 1985, was designed to undermine local rent control laws. To date, over 28,000 rent stabilized affordable housing units have been destroyed in Los Angeles.
  • Why isn't the City doing anything to stop this?
    Tenant and activist groups in Los Angeles claim that the City of Los Angeles has done a lousy job investigating these abuses. Numerous tenants have been reaching out to City Council Member Traci Park to no avail, speculating that Park's support of Barrington Plaza is directly tied to the hundreds of thousands Douglas Emmett (Barrington Plaza's parent company) and it's employees have donated to Park's campaign.
  • Have Barrington Plaza tenants retained counsel?
    The Barrington Plaza Tenants Association (BPTA) has engaged Campbell & Farahani LLP to represent us. Campbell & Farahani is one of the leading tenant rights firms in Los Angeles and have extensive experience supporting renters and navigating evictions and the Ellis Act. Other residents and resident groups have also retained counsel individually and collectively outside of BPTA.
  • What is the Association fee?
    The Association Fee is $50 to join. Association members need to be current residents of Barrington Plaza. The fee will be used for administrative and legal expenses incurred by the BPTA.
  • How I can support the tenants of Barrington Plaza?
    Visit our Support Us page to contribute to our GoFundMe campaign or give directly through our website. Friends and family can also support us anonymously through our GoFundMe campaign.
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The Coalition for Economic Survival (CES) sees the important fight of the Barrington Plaza Tenant Association as a fight that is critical to all renters in the City of Los Angeles. If this landlord is successful in it’s illegal use of the state Ellis Act it could open the door for other tenants to face similar evictions. These evictions must be stopped! That is why these tenants have CES’ fully support and we urge they receive the support of every tenant and tenant organization in the city."

Larry Gross, Executive Director, The Coalition For Economic Survival

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